What we do

As brake specialists our experienced team can rebuild your unit, maintaining vehicle’s original parts, or help you with an alternative, including custom builds.

We overhaul critical brake components, including the brake master, brake booster, clutch master, clutch slave, wheel cylinders and brake calipers for passenger, commercial, industrial, and agricultural vehicles.

We also sell new and remanufactured auto parts to the public, as well as wholesale. You can also select from our range of new parts, including Australian-made VH40 and VH44 hydro vac units.

We Restore

Brake Boosters

We build new and recondition boosters. We dismantle, sonic hot wash, sandblast, respray and rebuild with all new parts. Turnaround within a week of arriving in our reconditioning workshop.

Hydro Vacs

The hydro vac receives the same treatment as the brake boosters, only bigger.

Brake Calipers

We dismantle, micrometre the sizes to make sure your calipers can be reconditioned. Re-sleeve using seamless stainless-steel tubing so there is no pitting for the next 30 years. Sonic hot wash, sandblast and reassemble with new or machined pistons and new seals.


Our team recondition master, slave and wheel cylinders, plus ABS combination brake units found in Toyota Landcruiser, Prado and Mitsubishi Pajeros.

Cylinder Resleeving

Resleeve from ½ inch bore size up to 2 ¼ inch and 12.7mm to 47.5mm in seamless Stainless Steel that will see you right for 30 plus years.

Air Compression

Recondition truck and farming compressors with the best line boring machine using high quality cutting stones and market leading cutting lubricant. We bore, hone, sleeve and rebuild compressors that are near new to 60 years old.

Air Valves

Recondition your air valves or supply new.

Spare Parts

We can supply part kits for your business.

Brake Lines

We can make your custom braided or rubber hose brake lines in house. We also make standard OEM in both braided or rubber.

How it works

Recondition Work

Send your parts to us and we’ll recondition them for you

Custom work

Speak with a team member to see how we can revive your parts

Send us your item with the year it was made, the make, the model, petrol or diesel, 4 wheel disc brakes or drum brakes, for example:

Year: 1971
Make: Ford
Model: falcon
Fuel: petrol
Front brakes: disc (rotors)
Rear brakes: drum

Please provide us with the problem you’re having and what work you would like us to carry out.

You’re in safe hands. We’re backed by a large network of manufacturers across Australia, and we’ve got the skills, manpower and quality products you can rely on.